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EX-332D Integrated amplifier 2x120W

Positioned at the top of the EX Series, The EX332D delivers 2x120W RMS into 8Ω and 2x200W into 4Ω...

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Positioned at the top of the EX Series, The EX332D not only to resume most relevant developments which his predecessors have enjoyed: it goes far beyond! It delivers 2x120W RMS into 8Ω and 2x200W into 4Ω. Its power is based on an oversized audiophile transformer of 700VA. It features XLR balanced input and output, 4 un-balanced inputs including an upgradable one able to receive different types of optional cards. It also includes a DAC that allows you to listen two digital devices (one optical and one coaxial). It provides an output "Pre-Out" to perform a bi-amping and 2 subwoofer mono outputs. A headphone output (jack 6,35mm) is also available.

EX332D Tech

Power 2x120W or 1x380W into 8Ω and 2x200W into 4Ω
XLR input and output
High quality manufacturing
High-end components (Transistors Toshiba 2SC5200/2SA1943)
DAC Cirrus Logic CS8416
Burr Brown PCM1793 converter (48kHz/24bits)
Massive 700VA transformer
6x10 000µF filtering capacitors
High power resistors (1/2 and 1W)
Class A preamplifier mounted in a separate shielded cabinet
ALPS volume control potentiometer
Input switching relay
Possibility to add optional board: Phono (MM/MC), DAC (24/192), Network...


Amplifier section

Continuous average power under 8Ω: 2x120W or 1x380W
Continuous average power under 4Ω: 2x200W
Distortion: 0.05% (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
Signal/noise ratio: 95 dB (1W)
Bandwidth: 10Hz-30 kHz (0,5 dB)

Pre amplifier section
XLR Line in
Sensitivity: 600 mV
Impedance : 47 kOhms

RCA Line in
Sensitivity: 600 mV
Impedance : 47 kOhms

Bass (± 5 dB at 100 Hz)
Treble (± 5 dB at 10 kHz)


1x XLR balanced stereo line input (LINE 1)
2x unbalanced RCA stereo line inputs (LINE 2, LINE 3)
2x S/PDIF: Optical Toslink and coaxial EIAJ 75 Ω
1x Input option board card (or LINE OPTION 4)
2x Mono line outputs Subwoofer
2x Stereo outputs Pre-Out RCA and XLR
1x Headphone output on the front (Jack stereo 6.35mm)
1x Trigger output (Jack mono 3.5 mm)
Speaker terminals screw-compatible with banana plugs
Detachable IEC power socket
Remote control

Product dimensions (W×H×D): 430 x 135 x 400 mm / Weight: 18.7 kg
Box dimensions (W×H×D): 500 x 205 x 465 mm / Weight: 22.7 kg / Volume : 0.048 m3




The experience gained over the past two years has allowed us to evolve our specifications on many points. Powerful and versatile, the EX332D offers original technical solutions in this price range.

EX332D tech

Amplifier section
Powerof 120 watts per channel into 8 Ohms (or 200 watts per channel into 4 Ohms), working up to 5 watts class A and class AB beyond, from a double push-pull parallel transistors complementary bipolar Toshiba 2SC5200 / 2SA1943, capable of delivering 15 amps each.

Knowing that the damping factor EX332D reaches 150, it can easily drive any speaker, even those who have difficult impedance curve. Feedback loops neverexceed 10 dB gain, both to stabilize the amplifier and to avoid “flatten dynamics” musical reproduction. The power stages are equipped with high performance M-Cap capacitors.

Power stages of EX332D can also be configured into bridged mode, accessible via a simple switch, causing them to generate 400 watts on a single channel (mono). To achieve a stereo system from the bridged mono mode, we equipped the EX332D of line outputs on XLR or RCA connectors, to power the other channel, with another amplifier such as the EX532 (release in middle 2014), with the same power stages as EX332D. In addition, we also provided the connection of this integrated to one or two actives subwoofers (on 2 mono RCA outputs).


EX332D tech

An oversized power supply
Based on a huge 700VA shielded and impregnated EI type transformer, the power supply uses 6 massive audio grade 10 000 uF capacitors and Sanken regulator with high speed diodes. Thanks to the central location of the transformer, the EX332D is well balance when lifted.

For stand-by mode a dedicated low-consumption transformer is used. Its circuitry is controlled by manual, remote and external trigger input.

EX332D tech


A powerful preamplifier
This section has its own control circuits, independent of the power output stages. To protect the treatment of low-amplitude signals, the pre-amplifier circuits are fully shielded from the power supply. Its gain stages comprise a small number of JRC5532 operational amplifiers. Passive components are divided between the metal resistors 1% tolerance, film and electrochemical from Nichicon.

The volume adjustmentis provided by a motorized ALPS potentiometer. Two other retractable buttons in the front panel ensure, if necessary, the Bass and Treble levels (± 5 dB).

The "Direct" function allows you to switch off the pitch correction, which prevents signal degradation in the crossover. This input is dedicated to use a AV integrated amplifier as a AV pre-amplifier and then the EX332D as a power amplifier for the main speakers of a complete AV speaker system.

The touch buttons from the front panel, unlike the supplied remote, control the logic circuits that operate relays to switch the inputs. The EX332D is designed to handle both analog and digital inputs. Line 1 input accepts a balanced signal on its pair of XLR.

EX332D Tech


EX332D techThe EX332D has an integrated Digital to Analog audio Converter. This module has a digital audio receiver Cirrus Logic CS8416 and converter Burr Brown PCM1793 configured in 48 kHz 24 bits. It uses has two inputs: A S/PDIF coaxial and optical Toslink connector on EIAJ plug. When selecting the DAC button in front panel or via the remote control, the button circle of white, indicating selection of the S / PDIF. A second press of the button illuminates its periphery in red to indicate the switching of the optical input on EIAJ Toslink connector. So you can connect two digital sources on EX332D.

Note: So you can constantly connect two digital sources (one on the optical input, and the other on the coaxial input) and activate the one that suits you the best pressing the DAC button repeatedly.


Aware of technological developments in high-fidelity, we fitted inside the EX332D a location receiving an optional board card, sold separately. Thus, the line input can commute RIAA preamplifier, for example, to tune the signal of a turntable. One can also consider the inclusion of a DAC with USB input. You can install the optional boards in less than five minutes. It takes the place of the analog input "Line 4 ". We designed this integrated amplifier to meet almost all cases, to ensure its sustainability and allow you to evolve, according to your desires and technological changes of the high-fidelity.



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