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X-222 Integrated amplifier 2x70W - Bluetooth (2012)

The EX-222 delivers 2x70W RMS of power into 8 Ohms. It includes a Bluetooth receiver APT-X.

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Test: EX-222 from  Qobuz February 2014 - Download the PDF
Test: EX-222 on the website Hifi Lab - January 2014 - Download the PDF
Test: EX-222 from Canadian magazine "Son & Image" - January 2014

EX-222 awarded by a "CHOC" from CLASSICA magazine N°156 - October 2013

This amplifier was designed in an audiophile approach to ensure the high fidelity amateur a faithful reproduction of his favourite music. It delivers 2 x 70 W RMS of power into 8 Ohms, thanks to its high-performance 2 x 200 VA Toroidal transformers. It includes a Bluetooth APT-X interface, allowing you to play music from your Smartphones. The EX-222 comes with 6 unbalanced audio inputs, 1 digital (optical and / or coaxial) allowing  connection to latest generation TV sets. Finally, it provides a "Pre-Out" to perform bi-amplification.


High quality manufacturing
Dual transformer power supply
High power output amplifier stages
Ability to drive any kind of speakers (8, 4, 2 Ohms)

Bluetooth APT-X
Optical and Coaxial digital inputs
Headphone output


The Bluetooth® APT-X codec is an audio compression technology that was developed by the Irish company APT (Audio Processing Technology).

Bluetooth Aptx

This codec allows playing music tracks stored on a distant source, using a wireless Bluetooth connection between two devices, source (emitter) and destination (receiver). Compatible with A2DP Stereo Bluetooth devices, Bluetooth APT-X codec offers near CD audio quality. The 4:1 average compression ratio allows high quality listening.

The APT-X audio codec is available for high quality stereo audio over Bluetooth. When incorporated in Bluetooth A2DP Stereo products, APT-X audio coding delivers full 'wired' audio quality.  With the APT-X audio codec source material is transparently delivered over the Bluetooth link, whether it is stored uncompressed or in an alternative compression (MP3, AAC, FLAC) formats.

MP3 or AAC files with a throughput less than 350 Kbits / sec are transmitted without transcoding or any loss of data. The dynamic range reaches 92 dB, for 16-bit resolution and 20 Hz to 22 kHz frequency response (such as CD-Audio). Moreover, the Bluetooth APT-X codec is compatible with Bluetooth conventional SBC systems.

The EX-222 Bluetooth® works with computers, smartphones, and tablets.


The EX-222 is dual power supply equipped, using two 200 VA Toroidal transformers. The amplifier stages share the same structure with famous EX-302, but with a doubled capacitive decoupling and a higher voltage level for final stages.

The EX-222 power stage units were designed for the most demanding speakers at very high power levels.


2x 70W RMS power into 8 ohms & 2x 120W into 4 ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.01%
Signal to Noise ratio> 100 dBA
Bandwidth: 15Hz-25 kHz (0.5 dB)

4x RCA line inputs: CD, Tuner, Aux 1, Aux 2
1x Digital Input: Optical and Coaxial
2x RCA line outputs: Pre-Out
1x Pair of isolated speakers terminals
1x Headphone jack 6.35 mm in front
Detachable IEC power socket
Remote control

Dimensions (WxHxD): 430x80x340 mm
Weight: 8.3 kg