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EX-362D Integrated amplifier 2x80W Class-A

This built-in stereo Class-A amplifier has an output power of 2x80W RMS into 8Ω...

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EX362D website is testing the EX362D - March 2015 - Read the article in PDF (french).

High Fidelity french magazine (Haute-Fidélité N°206) grants a "Best Buy" award to the EX362D - February 2015.

"A royal road to music" - Test by Canadian TED magazine in December 2014 (in french).


This built-in stereo Class-A amplifier has an output power of 2x80W RMS into 8Ω and 2x155W into 4Ω. True "technology showcase" brand, BC Acoustique’s engineers have put all their know-how without any budget constraint. The result of over two years of development, it integrates many technologies usually reserved for incomparably more expensive products.

The power supply unit is based on a massive EI transformer type of very high current capability (750VA). The preamplifier and differential stages are the ones powered by a “C-Core” transformer with very low noise. The gain control is performed from a network of non-inductive resistor controlled by a precision encoder. The source switching is performed by relays. All parties have sensitive and specific shields and the overall architecture has been optimized for the best signal path. Finally, the output stages use five pairs of audiophiles transistors mounted sinks generously dimensioned to achieve exceptional power for this type of technology.


Technical report (in french) on the EX-362D by
5 minutes to the discovery of the EX-362D which is presented by its designer, Bruno ROUX, interviewed by in the latest hi-fi and home theater show "Festival Son & Images" Paris 15th.

Video EX362D


- Class-A amplifier
- High quality manufacturing
- High-end components
- Dual-power supply
- Optical and coaxial inputs
- Possibility to add optional board: Phono (MM/MC), DAC (24/192), Network...



Pre amplifier section
XLR line in (LINE 1)
Sensitivity: 600 mV / Impedance: 47 kOhms

RCA line in (LINE 2, LINE 3)
Sensitivity: 600 mV / Impedance: 47 kOhms

Power 2x80W RMS into 8Ω and 2x155W into 4Ω
Distortion ≤ 0,004% (1kHz, 1W)
Signal/noise ratio ≥ 91dBA
Bandwidth: 20Hz-20kHz
Input impedance: 47 kΩ
Output impedance: 4-8 Ω

1x XLR balanced stereo line input (LINE 1)
2x Unbalanced RCA stereo line inputs (LINE 2, LINE 3)
1x Optical and Coaxial input (DAT)
1x Input option board card (OPTION or LINE 4)
1x Stereo output Pre-Out RCA and XLR
1x Trigger output (Jack mono 3.5 mm)
1x Headphone output on the front (Jack stereo 6.35mm)
Speaker terminals screw-compatible with banana plugs & fork

Dimensions (LxHxP): 460x180x464 mm
Weight: 27 kg



The front panel of the EX-362D has touch buttons lighting up a soft white when on. Thus, the amplifier offers a choice of four stereo inputs (including the Optional input). Pressing the corresponding button activates a relay switch sources, unless one prefers to use the supplied remote. Line 1 input uses balanced XLR connectors.

EX362D TechThe DAC button actives a digital input on the back of the amplifier button. It allows listening to the digital source connected to the amplifier through the integrated digital-to-analog converter. You can leave connect two sources (one on Optical input, and the other on the Coaxial input) and activate the one suits you the best by pressing the DAC button.

The GAIN control allows you to lower the overall gain (10dB) for all of your sources. This allows you to adjust the fineness of the volume control depending on the sensitivity of your speakers and your listening level.

The volume adjustment is provided by a network of resistors and non-inductive accurately switched by relay of high quality. This device provides a highly accurate adjustment and perfectly neutral for the audio signal gain.

The BIAS LEVEL function adjusts the bias control power stages of the EX362D. When the light is off around the BIAS LEVEL knob, the EX362D operates in pure Class A up to 50% of its maximum power. But besides the EX-362D operates in class AB.

Whenthe button is activated (and light), the polarization of power stages is at its maximum level, the EX-362D operates in pure Class A up to its maximum level.

Note:in pure class A, operation of the power stages results in significant heat dissipation and thus a high temperature external radiators. Therefore, if the amplifier is used in long period time with moderate use, we recommend using the intermediate level of polarization (unlit). This will effectively prevent significant heat dissipation unnecessary.

For purposes of security, EX362D has an automatic sleep after 12 hours of continuous operation and in case of an excessive temperature rise of the radiators.
EX362D tech

The LINE 3 input offers the possibility to use the EX362D as a stereo power blockoperating in a multi-channel system. At the touch of a button on the back of the amplifier (bypass), this input bypasses the preamp: its level depends, in this case, directly from the multichannel decoder. This is very useful if you wants, for example, connect your main speakers directly on another AV amplifier output.

The EX-362D has an integrated digital audio converter. This module, with Cirrus Logic CS8416 digital interface and a Burr Brown PCM1793 converter configured to 48 kHz at 24 bits, has two inputs: One S / PDIF coaxial and optical Toslink connector on EIAJ. When selecting the DAC front panel or via the remote control, the button circle of white, indicating selection of the S / PDIF. A second press of the button illuminates its periphery in red to signal the switching of the optical input on EIAJ Toslink connector.

Note:the converter from the EX-362D does not aim to replace the converter with a high quality CD player. This is a basic input for the Audio-Visual sources eg.

To improve the flexibility of the EX-362D, it provides a line level output, from the preamplifier section, intoRCA (unbalanced) and XLR (balanced) formats. This feature allows the addition of a power amplifier to perform a bi-amplification.

Finally the EX-362D has a phase tester to optimize the "wiring direction" of connecting the power cord. It allows detecting the correct phasing of the power supply and reducing the leakage current at the minimum.



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