EX-712.2 Stereo system 2x40W - Wireless

The EX-712.2 delivers a power of 2x40W RMS into 8 Ohms. It includes a WIRELESS receiver allowing you to listen to music from your smatphones and talbets.

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EX-712 awarded by a Qobuzissime!

"... The French hi-fi guru Philippe DAUSSIN grants a QOBUZISSIME award to the BC Acoustique EX-712 stereo system... "

Qobuz - January 30, 2015 - French test bench in PDF.

"... This hi-fi stereo system is more than complete to enter into the world of high fidelity without breaking the bank, by abandonment often approximate characteristics of stereo systems sold in supermarkets. "Editorial - E High Fidelity - February 25, 2015 - French test bench in PDF.


This stereo system has been designedon the basis of the EX-222.1 witch was acclaimed on numerous occasions and in particular by the French Classica magazine and was awarded by a "Choc"!

It delivers a power of 2x40W RMS into 8 Ohms and 2x60W into 4 Ohms and with its power high-performance (220VA Toroidal transformers). It includesa CD player (MP3 / WMA) as well as FM RDS and AM tuner with 40 station presets. Its USB port allows you to play your digital files on USB key in MP3 and WMA formats.

The EX712.2 includes a WIRELESS receiver allowing you to listen to music from your smatphones and talbets. It has one anolog audio input (RCA Stereo), 1 digital input (Optical and / or Coaxial conections) allowing it to connect to TVs last generation.

Finally, it provides a Subwoofer output to connect an active subwoofer. This output as a high-pass filter that can be switched on to optimise the listening in 2.1 configuration. Let this switch on “Large” position if you do not have a subwoofer.


Discover the EX-712 in video (french)



- High quality manufacturing
- Shielded preamplifier
- 220VA Toroidal transformer
- Wireless with detachable antenna
- Optical and Coaxial digital inputs
- Subwoofer output with high-pass filter (switchable)
- USB input for MP3/WMA files formats
- AUX input in RCA
- Headphone output 6.35 mm
- Poweroutput for optional card (eg. the Phono card EX PHONO-2X)



The EX-712 includes a digital to analog converter Cirrus Logic 8415. The DAC is compatible with digital signals up to 24bits/96kHz. Its Optical and Coaxial inputs allow you, for example, to connect the audio output of your flat screen.


The EX712.2 includes a WIRELESS receiver allowing you to listen to music from your smatphones and talbets.


A power output is available at therear of the unit for the optional board. So you can, for example, add the Phono card EX-PHONO-2X without having to worry about how to power it.


A selector “Large / Small” located at the rear panel of the unit enables (or not) a high-passfilter to concentrate the power of the amplification on the rendering of high frequencies which is useful if you have connected an active Subwoofer. Thus, when the "small" position is activated, the EX-712 will leave only through high frequencies to optimize your 2.1 system listening.
For a conventional listening, in stereo without subwoofer, set the switch in the "Large" position.



Amplifier section
Output Power: - 2x 40W into 8Ω
                        - 2x 60W into 4Ω

Input sensitivity: 340 mV/47 KΩ
Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz
Compatible speaker impedance range: 6Ω-8Ω

Tuner section

Tuning range: 87.5 MHZ - 108 MHz
Signal to noise ratioMono: 56 dB
Signal to noise ratioStereo: 52 dB

Signal to noise ratio: 35 dB
EUROPE: Frequency ranges 522 kHZ to 1.620 kHz,
9 KHz steps
USA: Frequency ranges 530 kHZ to 1.710 kHz,
10 KHz steps

CD Player section
Maximum output level: 2V
Frequency response: (Ref. 0dB, 20Hz – 20kHz): + 0,5 dB
Total harmonic distortion: (Ref. 1kHz) <0,0025%
Signal to noise ratio:(A, ref. 1kHz): 110dB
Chanel balance (Ref. 0dB, 1kHz): + 0,5dB
Dynamic range: 96 dB
Channel separation: 95dB (1kHz et 10kHz)

USB slot (MP3/WMA)
Type – A
Recognized formatting: FAT

Range: about 10 m

1x Headphone jack 6.35 mm in front
1x USB (Type-A) in front
1x Auxiliary input stereo RCS
1x Digital Input: optical and coaxial
1x Wireless antenna
1x Subwoofer output
1x Indoor FM antenna
1x Indoor AM antenna
1x Power output foroptional card(Type2X)
4x Speaker terminals screw-compatible banana plugs
1x Detachable IEC power socket

Formats files for CD and USB
- MP3
Format: MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3
Sampling frequency: 44.1 or 48 kHz
Bit rate: 320 kb/s or less

Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
Bit rate: 192 kb/s or less

Included accessories
1x Detachable IEC power socket
1x Wireless antenna
1x Indoor FM/AM antenna
1x Remote control RC-EX3.1
2x Batteries (AAA) for remote control
1x Manual


Dimensions (WxHxD): 430x80x355/410 mm
Weight: 6.8 kg